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Nitpicker's Guide to the X-Files:

Wecome to the Nitpicker's Guide to the X-Files, your home for anything and everything wrong about the X-Files television show. Let's begin with the first nit...

Die Hand Die Verletzt, episode# 2X14:

  1. After interviewing the boy about his friend who died in the woods and talking with the school board, Mulder goes and gets a drink from a hallway drinking fountain. [camera pans to drinking fountain showing water draining counter-clockwise.] Mulder then says to Scully: "The water...It's going down the drain counter-clockwise. Coriolis force in the northern hemisphere dicates it should go down clockwise..."

    Phbbbtttttt!!!, WRONG!! Actually, in the northern hemisphere, the Coriolis force dicates that it really should be counter-clockwise, in the southern hemisphere it would be clockwise. So, unless New Hampshire is located in Argentina, then Mulder is wrong. Also, the Coriolis force is practically non-exsistent on small scale, contained devices such as drinking fountains, and the water can drain anyway it wanted to. The Coriolis force is generally seen in weather systems like hurricanes and tornados. See Flushing Meadows for more information about the Coriolis force.

DISCLAIMER: Bob Funland does not own, and has NEVER read "The Nitpicker's Guide for X-Philes" by Phil Farrand. The above nit came to Bob as he was watching the episode mainly because of his pervious work on the "Flushing Meadows" project. Although, Bob currently does NOT plan to buy or read the book, he will still post nits that he finds on his own. BTW- Bob did get the idea to title this page from one of Phil's other books: "The Nitpicker's Guide for Next Generation Trekkers, Vol. 1" in which Bob's brother owns and Bob himself has read on at least one occasion. Sorry about that Phil.