Sherman's Crossing
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Dan the Pontiac Man:

sorry about that Brad
A picture of danny is not currently available at this time,
so a pic of Brad from is the closest
thing we could find, will stand in for the time being.
The elusive Danny Fusselman, despite all the odds against him, he has managed to vanquish all the challenges before him. Keyboard gel pads aside, he takes no prisoners, here or at McDonalds. Master of ancient warcrafts and battle hardened, he ventures were no one would dare to follow. Seeking out new civilizations, he boldly goes where no man has gone before. He makes the most of what he has; one headlight makes no difference, even if he's fighting off the Mexican hordes late at night in Pawnee Park. Jelly donuts can throw everything they have at him, leaving only the stains of their purple blood spattered on his 50% cotton /50% polyester shirt. His uses his brute strength and mass to crumple Ford Broncos in his path, he lets nothing stand in his way. He is the master of multitasking, learning Spanish and Everquest cheat codes at the same time. Unruly Spanish teachers may disagree, but he knows the wisdom of the hobbits, and his grades prove it. Master of deception and Jedi magic, he fools many about the illicit tasks he has performed on his enemies by asking them point blank, leaving them only in an utter state of confusion about the world around them. He uses all available resources around him in order to achieve his ultimate goal of the Double Whopper w/ Cheese; even if it means a few unlucky Boy Scouts won't have enough money to go to camp. Despite all of this, his lethargic nature leaves him a threat to only those who manage to get sucked into his gravitational pull.
The Danny Fusselman Project