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Big Bevs: News Flash: Big Bevs found not guilty on all charges!!

News Flash: Big Bevs has just been arrested for the molestation of Hersey's Holiday Kisses. His trial is set to Tuesday, in which Eddy Murphy and Jay Leno have been called in to testify. He is also wanted in five other states for the indecent exposure of the nipples and for eating carrots and cabages in a time of famine. It is also rummered that Big Bevs sleeps in a high pressure oxygen chamber at night to make him feel "rejuvenated", it has aslo been noted that Big Bevs suffers from a condition known as "Micheal Jackson-itis", which is highly contaguous and marked by the symptoms of a high-pitched voice and spontenaous moon walking.
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sexual deviant
Bevs arrested for molesting Herseys Holiday Kisses.
Big Bevs eaten alive by cats.
gang activity?
Big Bevs leds a life of crime.