Sherman's Crossing
Firefox 2

Sherman's Novelties:

The Big Lebowiski:

Bored with your crappy window login or startup "di do di du" sound? Are your turning catatonic from starring at horrible windows logo background wallpaper? Well you are in luck today for a limited time only, we are offering free downloads of scenes from the movie "The Big Lebowiski". Relive that wonderful and hilarious moment, every time that you start up your computer, at Little Larry's house when Walter shows how caring and understanding he is, with our desktop pictures and sound.

To save on your computer just right click on link and save target as, and if you didn't know that then you are a moron. Changing your startup sound and desktop follow similar lines.

Rosie O'donnell:

Celebrate life with that fat stupid fish-eating bitch, Rosie!!

Now wasn't that just dandy?

The Can of Mystery:

The mystery can, missing its label since ancient times, thought to be long lost, but was rediscovered buried under boxes of Mac&Cheese in the back of the pantry.

what's inside the mystery can?

Play the Mystery Can Game!! Be the first one to correctly guess the contents of the Mystery Can and you will win the Actual Mystery Can!!

Your name:
Email address:
Inside the Mystery Can is:

What mysteries are contained inside? Could it be creamed corn? Green Beans? Maybe even Ravioli? Only the can opener will reveal. Tune in next time when we reveal the contents of the can, only on "The Can of Mystery"!